Zero Beta 2: Son of Zero Beta

Before I start actively blogging again I figured I’d update the readers on what to expect from the new blog:

New Content

In the last few months as I have worked at yoonew, I’ve gotten a lot of exposure to areas such as technology, startups, and prediction markets.  The “new” zerobeta will include more posts on these topics, as it is what I am currently thinking about and have developed a real passion for.  While I am still interested in financial markets and don’t plan on completely abandoning that type of content, as I grow, so will the breadth of content offered on this blog.

Shorter Posts

The old zerobeta was a shitty writer.  I plan on expressing my ideas much more clearer and in much fewer words this time around.


I will be doing a lot more microblogging on Twitter under the name zerobeta.  Please follow me.  I will try to get the two integrated as well.


I will be assembling a new blogroll over the next few days that includes some of the new blogs I read as well as some of the old ones that I still read.

That’s about it, I’m working on a bunch of stuff and trying to get a few good posts together.


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