Great Quote on Technology

I am currently starting to read “Information: The New Language of Science” by Hans Christian von Bayer, and it is quite good thus far.  Early on I came across a great quote I figured I’d share as it has implications ranging from Automated Trading Systems to Search Algorithms and Online Advertising.

“If it is true that the limits on information-processing will trun out to be more human than physical, technological or economic, it is ironic that popular usage makes so much of the prefix ‘cyber’, as in cyber-cafe, cybersex, cybercrime, and cyberworld.  “Cyber’ was introduced into the English language back in the 1950’s by Norbert Wiener’s word ‘cybernetics’, which referred to the science of control over systems.  He derived it from the Greek kybernetes for helmsman or guide – whose initial K appears in the name of the academic honour society ΦΒK, an acronym of the Greek maxim ‘Philosophy, the guide of life’.  As we surf the Web for the latest high-tech magic, it pays to remember the human roots of the word.  A cybership without a human steersman is a vessel out of control.


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