Yes Media, Twitter Is Revolutionary

Lately in the media, people have been referring to Twitter as “a Revolution”.  While I think its a bit suspect to call something a “Revolution” during the fact, I believe there is reason to believe something something revolutionary is going on.

By Calling it a Revolution You Have Admitted its “Revolutionariness”

A revolution  is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time.  Those within the revolution aren’t likely to be the ones calling it a Revolution.  Its usually recognized as that by two people:  1) those getting Revolted against, and afterwards 2) historians and the media.  I can’t picture the Continental Congress saying “This is a great revolution” and high fiving eachother while writing the Declaration of Independence, but I can picture King George saying “Ahhh Shit! They’re Revolting!” when he read it.   So when the mainstream media (who happens to be one of the entities being revolted against) utters the phrase “Twitter Revolution”, it means “There is something revolutionary going and they’re revolting against us. ”

But how is Twitter revolutionary?

Twitter Decentralizes Communication

Twitter decentralizes communication.  In doing so, it has brought the concepts behind the First Amendment to this decentralized,  global, connected community.  In a orwellian world filled with corporatespeak, doublespeak, newspeak, and wiretaps, Twitter says, quite ironically, “Great, we finally found a quiet place to actually talk.”  On Twitter the ideals of freedom of speech and press are captured captured through Twitter’s transparency and accountability of the conversation.

Twitter is a Free Market for the Message

Twitter is a free market for the message and the invisible hand keeps out the bullshit.  There is no market for spam on Twitter.  The “Follow/No Follow” nature of its design has not made Spam marketable.  Thats why I laugh when the media talks about it as some revolutionary “PR/marketing tool”.  Yes, media, it will be but probably not how YOU think its going to. However for those companies/politicians/celebrities that want to actually TALK to their customers/constituents/fans, it can be revolutionary.   Thus, if you are authentic, a good communicator and have a good message you will find yourself rising quickly in the New Guard”.

Twitter is a Statement against Wiretapping and Eavesdropping

In a world where technology is increasingly used to spy on the masses, Twitter allows the masses to throw themselves onto the public stage.  In doing Twitter , “Hey asshole! I’ll save you the trouble.”   It says “I believe I have the right to say this and I don’t like to be unknowingly spied on – so here you go.”  Bluntly put – I think that’s awesome.

So while I don’t want to turn it into a Twitter lovefest (I’m afraid I may be too late), but the more I think about it and use it I do believe it is both a statement and medium for change and when I hear the media call it “A Twitter Revolution”, I think perhaps something revolutionary is going on.


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