Never Tweet Alone

In the training program at Smith Barney they give you a reading list.  Most of them were complete bullshit but one of them really stuck with me , “Never Eat Alone”.  This book was about the power of networking and, as it title suggests, the author urges the reader to always be out there meeting people and when encountering the all-to-often predicament of eating by oneself to find the other person who is doing the same, and talk to them.  The author spent his life building a network simply for the sake of building it.  This was something I really took to heart and decided to do so myself

Today, Phil Pearlman while discussing the StockTwits community started talking about how little things go a long way in engaging the community, and its completely true.  Those that don’t understand Twitter only see it as a one-way street.   They spend time talking to themselves, 20 self-proclaimed Social Media Guru’s, a few self-proclaimed SEO Mavens, and about a dozen hot, naked, chicks that want to have sex immediately.

The power of Twitter is in interacting and creating a two-way street. If someone @replies or talks to me I usually tend to follow them, check them out and in doing so have built a network of once complete strangers into something special – interesting people discussing interesting things.

It’s amazing what simple, genuine @reply can do to expand your network and help build relationships so I urge you to never tweet alone.  We’re all in this together.


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