The Social Lottery

A tweet the other day rehashed an idea I had regarding engagement in social networks, specifically Twitter.  The tweet was from a Twitter-newcomer, Conan O’Brien.

Sarah Killen just won the Social Lottery.  At the time of that tweet she had something like 100 followers, now she has over 14,000.

Twitter suffers from an engagment problem.  How best do you engage new users?  Twitter says “Join the Conversation”, but its very difficult for new users to do so. Often times a new user is talking to nobody.

A Social Lottery could help solve that problem.  If Twitter used their bullhorn to regularly recognize some average user who is using their service right and just being awesome, think about how many more people would actively engage in their service.  Think about it.   Each week, tension would be high to see who wins the social lottery. Mashable, Techcrunch and all the other tech blogs would pick up the story and overnight some random user would have his or her Warholian moment.


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